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Fireplace Burner Inserts

Burner Inserts

Fireplace burner inserts are the fire fixtures of the future. Built with the environment in mind, these fireplace burners are eco-friendly, efficient, and money saving. Our electric fireplace heaters have a stainless steel exterior covering tanks of clean-burning ethanol gas. These features make them perfect for any home owner who wants to heat up a small or medium sized room without the hassle of inserting a traditional fireplace or wood burning stove.

The burner inserts are compact, with the possibility of both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re heating a living room or want a safe alternative to traditional outdoor portable fireplaces, these gas burner inserts and ethanol burner inserts are perfect for your needs. The upward flames remove the caution you would have to take when using traditional wood burning fire pits by sending the ethanol flames upward. No more live ash to catch nearby flammables on fire.

Virtual burner inserts give you the pleasure of experience the tantalizing flames of a real fireplace, without aggravating heat, perfect for mid summernights’ dreams or comforting afternoon snoozes. Mist spewing electric inserts take the experience a step further by adding a 3D effect to the traditional screen limitations of most virtual fireplaces. The illusion can be taken to the highest level with the addition of optional fire crackling soundtracks, completing all of the requirements for the best flame-free experience in warm weather.

Our burners come in many different sizes, promising versatility and the ability to pick and choose the burn time that best fits your preferences. Each gas fireplace insert is reliable, with tanks that hold enough fuel to last from 4-12 hours between refills. Adding a warm glow to any room in your home has never been easier, efficient, and effective.

With our wide variety of discount price burner inserts, there’s definitely one waiting for you to light up your life.