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Fireplace Fuels

Gel and Ethanol Fuels

While electric options are extremely popular in the realm of portable fireplaces, ethanol or gel fireplaces are also great for those looking at alternative heating sources that will work just as well when the electricity goes out. Both categories take out the need for wood fuel, meaning no smoke, no ashes, and no need for a chimney. All you’ll need for these fireplaces is the appropriate fireplace fuels to keep them going.

Ethanol fireplaces are very low-maintenance and are much safer for your home and family than traditional fireplaces. The bioethanol fuel burns off into small amounts of water and carbon dioxide, rather than dangerous ashes and carbon monoxide. Ethanol fireplaces use energy from natural plant sources in liquid form, making them the eco-friendliest of all portable fireplace options.

Gel and ethanol fireplaces have a lot in common. They do not emit harmful carbon monoxide or dangerous live ashes. Generally speaking, while gel fireplaces can be used inside just like their bioethanol counterparts, they are especially useful outdoors. The gel fuel is more flammable and stable, offering greater resistance to windy weather. The fuel comes in tin cans of varying sizes, with predictably gelatinous contents.

These alternative fuel source options may provide less widespread heating than traditional stoves or fireplaces, but their fantastic advantages make them equally, if not more appealing.