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Outdoor Table Top Heaters

Outdoor Table Top Heaters

Table top heaters provide warmth and are a great addition to any dining or entertainment table. Our popular electric patio heaters and gas patio outdoor heaters provide modern ambiance while keeping you and your loved ones warm during a meal or party! Our halogen patio heaters also provide efficient warmth and ambiance with electricity as the convenient fuel source. All of our table top electric patio heaters and halogen patio heaters conveniently plug into any electrical outlet, are safe to operate, UL approved, and will provide a source of fast convenient heat. They are especially ideal if you have a dining table or picnic bench in your patio or yard and do not have enough room for a floor standing patio heater.

Our table top heaters are available in a variety of finishes and styles, many of which are contemporary and sleek in design. Table top heaters typically provide up to 10,000 BTU's of heat, that's an impressive amount of heat especially coming from their small and minimalistic design. If you prefer live flames with ambient heating we do recommend that you visit our tabletop fireplaces, they are fueled via bio ethanol and or eco friendly fuel choices.

Having a convenient table top patio heater allows you, your friends, and family to enjoy the cooler seasons outdoors. Table top patio heaters are small in size, light, and easy to transport from one location to another. The gas table top patio heaters will utilize small disposable propane cylinders and can even connect to a larger five gallon propane tank with an extension hose, this is especially convenient when camping or traveling in a camper or mobile home.

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